“I believe that to succeed in business, a company needs to make the best possible use of its people. I also believe that a culture of responsibility, integrity, and humility, coupled with skills in communication, negotiation, and coordination supports a high-performance organization, one that yields exceptional results. My offer is to help you as a leader who is capable of creating such a culture.” - Fred Kofman

Our mission is to bring this quote to life. We have designed a certification program based on the core values and practices found in Conscious Business in order to deliver these skills directly to you.

More specifically, the Conscious Business Academy is a program open to the public and centered around 12 core modules, all delivered via email. Through a combination of video clips, articles, and related content, certified professionals will understand and experience Conscious Business at a level beyond the original book. This understanding will allow members of the Conscious Business Academy to share an expertise of compassionate and mindful business practices with their friends, family, and colleagues. 

Recommended Timeline for Certification

Week 1 Introduction
Week 2 Leadership
Week 3 Culture
Week 4 Response-ability
Week 5 Humility
Week 6 Communication
Week 7 Collaboration
Week 8 Coordination
Week 9 Co-evaluation
Week 10 Perspectives
Week 11 Emotions
Week 12 Mindfulness and Conclusion

How do I get certified?

Start by simply signing up on our Certification page! Once we have your info, we will send out an introduction email with further resources and instructions.

In terms of the big picture, members of the Conscious Business Academy will explore videos, articles, posts, and other resources centered around 12 core tenants. We then track progress and participation through a combination of individual and group contributions to posts and discussion threads.

The Conscious Business Certification is self-paced and designed to move at a rhythm convenient for you and your schedule. We will be there along the way to support and encourage, but you have complete control over your experience.

How do I join the certification group?

The Conscious Business Certification group is a place for members to discuss, explore, and question the content under each module. We also provide additional resources and announcements through the group such as certification-specific videos from Fred and other Conscious Business leaders.


We use the group as a medium to not only track your progress, but also to provide a sounding board as you work through each set of videos and articles.